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About Atmel Dataflash Cardstm

The Atmel Dataflashtm card is a memory device that can be used to store a wide variety of data and program code in both the embedded and PC worlds. The Dataflash card is ideal for use as both data storage and as removable bootloader storage of binary code. With a Dataflash card and a micro controller supporting bootloading designed into your next embedded project, both firmware and data can be field changed and modified by your end users simply by changing a card instead of sending the board (or engineer!) back to the factory.


MMC Dataflash programmer (board level view)

For more information on Atmel Dataflash cards see http://www.atmel.com/products/DataFlash/

For more information on Atmel Bootloaders see

InControl Systems has long recognized the flexibility of the ATMEL Dataflash Cards, but has also recognized the lack of tools for programming these Dataflash cards for both the production and engineering environments. With this product, InControl Systems has designed a low cost programmer especially designed for these cards. Originally designed for in-house use only, we now see a great industry need for this product and are releasing this to the engineering communities.

About the MMC Dataflash Programmer:

The Dataflash programmer in the engineering environment will allow a system engineer to read, store, and modify all the information on a Dataflash card on a page by page basis from his PC. This includes sending both text based and binary files of any length directly to the flash card. Other functions include reading and storing any page or pages of memory back to a PC file for verification as well as a Dataflash "wipe" routine that completely erases a Dataflash card in its entirely or page by page.

In a stand-alone production environment, the Dataflash programmer acts as a simple gang programmer allowing up to 4 cards to be programmed simultaneously from a master card. This mode is completely stand-alone and does not require interfacing it to a PC. The copy mode includes complete verification to assure a good copy. Easy to use buttons and leds on the unit guides the operator through the copy process and warns them when there is a copy failure to assure your shipped products 100% error free.

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