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For almost 30 years, InControl Systems, Inc. has been inventing, developing, producing, and supporting innovative and state of the art Point of Sale and Point of Purchase products. We helped pioneer significant new technology developments in these areas, and produced products that are now considered “standard”. 

In 2002, InControl was purchased by a Fortune 500 company, and moved from Texas to North Carolina. There, we continued to develop innovative merchandising ideas and products. In 2005, a corporate change of direction resulted in InControl once again becoming an independent company, and we continued to support our existing customer base. Now, in 2008, it is time to close the company as all our contracts have been completed.

So, somewhat sadly but with fond memories of our many customers and suppliers, we bid you all a fond “good bye”.
We will periodically check our e-mail at the address below, but in general InControl Systems, Inc. no longer exists and is not able to provide any further services.

We may be contacted at:

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